Ecommerce has revolutionised the way how people buy products. The customers prefer to shop online rather than buying products from a store. The buying habits of customers has changed the way businesses sell to the customers. Marketplace management services business are using online marketplace as a major platform for selling their products to customers like Amazon, eBay, Rakutan, Walmart and etc. With the increase in competition, and we also doing the businesses are focussing more on improving their ecommerce strategy by implementing the best methods.

New businesses have also started expanding into the ecommerce marketplace management services. In order to be successful and competent, the business would require expert advices for their ecommerce implementation. The experts would help the business by providing advices on online content, web site design, formulating SEO strategies and by using other techniques that would improve presence in the online market.

Valley point offers amazon consulting services to help start-ups, small and medium size businesses with ecommerce implementation. We give the support of help ecommerce and multichannel businesses improve performance and profitability through strategy, technology, Marketing, Merchandising, operations and financial planning .We have a dedicated to marketplace management services to be a consultant team at Valley point to analyze your existing business, identify the gap and work with you to grow customer base and revenue.

Our amazon marketplace management services help ecommerce implementation in marketplaces as well as 3rd party market places. Our solutions depend on the platform that you have chosen to implement. The experts would do an analysis and provide a solution which best suits your products.

If you are an ecommerce business looking to have a presence in the marketplaces, eCommerce marketplace management services is what you need. Our multichannel ecommerce management services would chart an ecommerce implementation according to the platform. We will process and upload your product data in all the market places accurately and at a competitive price. Our services will help

Valleypoint offers following benefits:

  • To adjust product feed data as per the data feed specifications.
  • Capture and collate product data from multiple sources. This includes capturing and compiling product data from PDF, online and hardcopy catalogues and also gather product data from manufacturer’s websites.
  • Enter product name, product features, brand name with one hundred percent accuracy.
  • Product categorization to gather shopper’s attention.
  • Provide product Meta titles, Meta tags and product descriptions to optimize your feed
  • Craft product descriptions.
  • Add product reviews that can increase sales and help you improve profit margins.
  • Edit the product images. The product image must be of a kind which draws the attention of a shopper.
  • Automate product listing process using the software
  • Develop product listing strategy. For example we would help you upload the most paying products by researching rather than products which are popular.
  • Improve pricing strategy by Capturing offers and price’ data from your competitor websites.
  • Assist with order processing.

We offer services to the following marketplaces.

Shopify, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, OSCommerce, Volusion

When a business is trying to expand in the 3rd party market places, it would be very important to focus on an implementation strategy in order to maximize profits. multichannel eCommerce management would focus on activities that would improve the visibility of your products and thereby improve sales. Amazon marketplace management services of the strategy also plays a very important role due to the competition in the platforms. marketplace management advices would assist in developing a good strategy and building an optimal solution.

Valley point provides amazon marketplace management services caters to verity business, providing implantation plan for their products. Our strategy has helped many businesses to expand in the marketplaces. Our online marketplace management services would build the right solution for your business by focussing on process improvement in ecommerce activities. Some of the key areas that we focus are improving

  • Product images
  • Key product features
  • Product description
  • Product categorisation
  • Product listing

Some of the multichannel eCommerce management services that we manage are

We help your ecommerce strategy team to answer the following questions

  • What is the optimal solution?
  • What is the best strategy?
  • How to increase competence?
  • Key strengths of your business?