How it Works

INCIO is a mobile application platform that helps organizations track and address safety, energy and environmental issues. With INCIO, every individual is empowered to report and track any safety hazard, energy and environmental issues at a plant or facility. This application eliminates paper work and simplifies the reporting process. The Admin can monitor the issues logged, by keeping track of the issues that have been solved and those which are still open. The application can also be used to generatereports of the issues logged by selecting a specific time period.

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The key features of INCIO are:

  • Intuitive interface – It is easy to use and helps capture problems thatwould traditionally be captured on paper forms.
  • Lag time – With paper formats, it takes a long time before any corrective action can beimplemented. INCIO provides a seamless transfer of complaints and issues to responsible departmentpersonnel who can monitor and trigger corrective actions.
  • Data collection – The data, over time is synthesized and presented as actionable information to help place the under relevant sectionsand continuously improve safety processes. A manager can use the graphical application dashboard to identify problem areas and carry out trend analysis for issues and complaints.
  • By reducing incidents and waste, INCIO helps in minimizing unnecessary cost and maximizing optimalusage of business assets.
How to use the Application

  • Use the application for logging issues related to safety /environment /energy.
  • Select the type of issue you want to log.
  • Fill the form giving details of the issue. Upload a photo, audio or video if you wish to provide more evidence of the issue while reporting and Log the Issue.