How it Works

Use the Ensafe application to Report and track safety hazards that affect facilities. It’s a tedious task to report such issues to the admin as it requires a lot of paper work.

This application eliminates paper work and simplifies the reporting process. With this application issues can be reported by just filling out a form giving details of the issue.

The application gives the option to upload Images, audio and video files as supporting a document while reporting issues.

The Admin can monitor the issues logged, by keeping track of the issues that have been solved and open. The application can also be used to take reports of the issues logged by selecting a time period.

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The key features of Ensafe are:

  • Ensafe is designed to help employees report the incidents that affect their daily operations.
  • It helps to minimize the time taken to resolve Issues that are logged by employees, making it a complete solution which optimizes issue tracking and reporting.
  • The application can be used by the admin to track all operational issues in the factory and resolve the issues by assigning the right technician.
  • Ensafe application eliminates paper work and makes the reporting process very simple.

How to use the Application

  • Use the application for logging issues related to safety /environment /energy.
  • Select the type of issue you want to log.
  • Fill the form giving details of the issue. Upload a photo, audio or video if you wish to provide more evidence of the issue while reporting and Log the Issue.