The backbone of an ecommerce implementation is the catalog management services. An organised catalogue provides shoppers with the product descriptions they need to make data driven buying decisions. Processing an ecommerce store amazon catalog management services manually takes significant time and effort as one has to extract and process data from a variety of sources such as PDF, hardcopies, manufacturer’s websites. In order to have a successful ecommerce implementation, there should also be good product description. Dedicated eCommerce catalog management service would help to overcome the difficulties and benefit the ecommerce implementation.

At ValleyPoint we offer the most comprehensive eCommerce catalog processing services also product catalog maintenance services to help you with this strenuous task. Our experts would handle all the aspects of eCommerce product data classification services with a high level of competence. Our catalog management services are the most economical, with unmatched turnaround rates. If you own an e-commerce business, then our eCommerce catalog updating services can really help to turn your web portal into great success with the latest information When you make us your eCommerce catalog processing services outsourcing partner we assign you a dedicated Project Manager who liaisons with you and keeps you updated on the progress of the work.

Our catalogue management services for our customers include

  • Data capturing from PDF, Hard copy, scanned images and online catalogues.
  • Getting Product information with the features
  • Conversion of hardcopy catalogues into electronic formats to upload on your ecommerce store website.
  • Catalogue data entry service such as product price, product features, brand name, manufacturer’s identity, SKUs, etc.
  • update product prices. Capture product prices from competitor websites
  • categorize products for assisting more visitors to search.
  • Product descriptions upload.
  • Product titles, Meta tags, and product descriptions keyword rich and SEO friendly.

Ecommerce business keeps evolving over a period of time, the way of doing business the look and feel keeps changing. And we are doing the eCommerce catalog processing services as a result the businesses need to adapt to the latest ecommerce practices to stay Competent. The product description has to be regularly updated to stay on par with the latest information. The task of regularly updating product data and information is very difficult.

The process requires a resource to sit and arrange large quantity of data which can be stressful. Whether a small start-up or an old and established ecommerce business, no one is immune. A dedicated service which focuses on regularly updating the product information would fill your ecommerce sites with the latest price, product description etc.

At ValleyPoint we have been offering eCommerce product data matching & de-duplication services for six years. Over the years we have gained mastery over all tasks related to product taxonomy development services. We are well known for offering updating services to prestigious clients across the world. The services are offered at the most economic rates of eCommerce catalog processing services with one hundred percent accuracy.

By partnering with us you could keep your ecommerce product data updated by

  • Have latest product data in your online store.
  • Update product prices.
  • Capture product prices from your competitors’ websites
  • Categorize products.
  • Update product availability.
  • Update product descriptions when new products are added.
  • Update product images.
  • Regularly update tax and shipping data.
  • Update product identifiers such as shape, colour, weight, etc.

Product data classification is a very important task in product data management. The heterogeneity of taxonomic codes and classification schemas used by the vendors makes it a very demanding and intricate process. The schemas vary between countries and manufacturers. After extracting product data from rough sources, one might discover that it adheres to a great diversity of classification schemas. The maintenance of product data becomes a very complex activity. Thus it is very important for an ecommerce entrepreneur to classify product data as per the schema. The task requires adept knowledge because of time consumption, which can be as high as 25% of content management.

At ValleyPoint we offer comprehensive, efficient and economical product classification services .Our professionals are vastly experienced and have thorough knowledge in a wide range of product domains. We will help to intelligently classify product data without mixing codes and schemas.

By partnering with us your ecommerce business would derive the following benefits.

  • Assist to customise the data classification process depending upon the source of product data, the nature of products and the product domain.
  • Validate all your product data before classification.
  • Create robust domain specific classification taxonomies.
  • Calassify your product data as per the UPC, UPN, UNSPSC, eClass, SMD, NAICS, SIC, EGII, JPPSG, MESC, NIGP, ECRI, NDA or any other taxonomies.
  • Classify product data using both custom and proprietary standards.
  • Fill the gaps in product data.
  • Classify product data as per the brand, based on nature of products and manufacturers identity.

Product categories in market places can be confusing and it could take a long time for a Shopper to locate the product. The shopper tends to leave the website never to return again. Thus intelligent product categorization is the key to improve the conversion rate and to build a regular pool of customers.

At ValleyPoint we will help you achieve the goals with our product taxonomy development services. Our professionals are experienced and astute. We would help to categorize a wide range of products from lighting, clothing, computer peripherals, furniture, and sports goods at a very affordable rate.

By partnering with us, we would assign a dedicated manager to handle your products and to answer any queries. Our turnaround rates are the best in the industry.

Make ValleyPoint your Product Taxonomy Development Services partner

  • Review product categories. Go about the product taxonomy.
  • By determining how products must be matched with SKUS. Categorizing products becomes easier when they are distributed.
  • Work on the product titles and Meta tags. Make SEO friendly to turn up on searches.
  • Keyword research to maintain consistency between your product category titles and the most used search terms to increase the sales rank
  • Develop product taxonomy within a manageable and optimum size. Ensure that the product categories are not bloated with too much information nor with very less data.
  • Thorough quality check to the services. We never flinch from our commitment to providing only the best service to our clients.

Volume of Product data keeps increasing with the ecommerce growth. As a result product data gets duplicated and redundant as more and more data are entered and uploaded .Shoppers get confused and this can have an adverse impact on product reputation. A methodology is required to reduce redundancy of data.

At ValleyPoint we offer data matching and duplication services to help you build a leaner and more efficient database free of duplicate content. We are experts in this field and have provided these services to many customers.

By partnering with us your business would derive the following benefits

  • Run a data mapping program to identify duplicates in your product data.
  • Devise a fuzzy matching logic to identify duplicates.
  • Match the fields between your various data sources to identify similar, duplicated information.
  • Match and compare your product data with your competitors’
  • Merge all similar content.
  • Remove data noise by purging your product data of all irrelevant and obsolete information.

Online Shoppers try to gather a lot of information about products before buying. Therefore the product data must be very comprehensive and should lack inconsistencies. eCommerce product data enrichment services must be able to answer all the questions that a shopper might have, dispel his apprehensions and convince him of the worth .The quality of product data determines the conversion rate. In order to stay competent, ecommerce business should focus on maintaining consistent product data.

At ValleyPoint we offer eCommerce product data enrichment services to help business with product data maintenance. Our professionals are conversant and vastly experienced with every aspect of ecommerce data management. We provide services to a wide range of businesses.

By partnering with ValleyPoint You could derive the following benefits.

  • Assist to evaluate the quality of your product data, identify the gaps, errors and inconsistencies in it and devise a plan to improve it.
  • Weed out all heterogeneity of standards from your product data. Carefully standardize all units of weights and measure and attribute values.
  • Look for inconsistencies of spelling and in the expansion of abbreviations. Standardize to avoid confusion. We also expand abbreviations whenever required.
  • Search for and correct all typos. We are very punctilious in ensuring that that your product names, descriptions, etc. carry no spelling mistakes.
  • Fill the gaps in your product data we extract product attributes from PDF, hard copy and online catalogues and populate your website with them. We also gather product attributes from the manufacturers’ websites.
  • With product data enrichment services we work on the product descriptions. We ensure that they are original, lucid and keyword rich.
  • Purge your product data of all duplicate entries.
  • Validate product data.
  • Work on product images.