AMZ Product Reviews
How it Works

Download and install AMZ Product reviews plugin to your Woocommerce

Once installed and configured, the product pages in your woocommerce will display the reviews of the product from amazon marketplace.

Download the plugin and get the license key. Install the AMZ product review plugin to your Woocommerce website. The AMZ product review plugin will appear in your woocommerce admin backend. Apply the license key in the settings page on the AMZ product review plugin. Once activated, configure your Amazon mws credentials in the plugin’s settings page. Upon activation, theAMZ product review plugin will create ASIN number field in the database. Update the ASIN field for every product in your database with original ASIN number from Amazon. After ASIN, the amazon reviews will appear in every product page of you Woocommerce website. Boost your sales with amazon reviews!

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