AMZ Micro
How it Works

The sellers in Amazon face the risk of product imitation which can have an adverse impact on the sales and brand reputation. The sellers of counterfeit products use the product page of sellers to display and sell their products. Shoppers in Amazon tend to buy these products convinced by the originality. The counterfeit products when affected by quality issues would result in bringing the brand reputation of the original products. Such practices are continuing to affect sellers in Amazon. The counterfeit sellers also use the product page of original brands to sell their products at a lower price compared to the original.

This would decrease the sales rank and buy box of original products. It becomes very important for a seller in Amazon to trace such practices that affect. Manual tracking of counterfeit sellers is tedious because of the volume of products sold by a seller in the Amazon store. Considering the complexity of design and the quantity of products it would be ideal to have a dedicated tool to monitor and report such violations.

Take a look at our product :

The key features of AMZ Micro are:

  • Provides the list provides the list of products that are affected by plagiarism. The plagiarism can be viewed based on sellers or based on products.
  • Sales Graph to identify how the plagiarism affects the sales rank of the products.
  • Report trademark violations to Amazon
  • History option to monitor the listing of the products in the past.
  • Send warning emails to counterfeit sellers.